TuDOrs project is approved

project approved

Our new European project Erasmus+ KA2, TuDOrs “Turning the Learning Disabilities into Opportunities” is approved. Tudors project started on October 2020, its duration is 24 months, and it will be completed in November 2022.

What are the objectives of the TuDOrs project?

TuDOrs aims to:

  • Increase the awareness of trainers of foreign languages, in teaching people with LD.
  • Improve the skills of teachers of foreign languages.
  • Strengthen skills of adult teachers about the inclusion of disabled learners.
  • Offer comprehensive digital  solutions and e-learning solutions in education.
  • Exchange of good practice among partners.

What is the target group of TuDOrs project?

The target group of the project is:


• Teachers/trainers of foreign languages

• Associations of teachers/trainers of foreign languages

• Adult educational institutions, which provides foreign languages courses


• People with LD and their families

• Institutions for people with LD

• Professionals in adults’ education

• Professionals in foreign languages

• Professionals in the field of LD.

What will be produced from the project?

The outputs of the project will be:

  • A digital compendium.
  • On-line Training Program.
  • Self-assessment Tool for teachers/trainers of foreign languages .

TuDOrs is implemented by eight partners from Slovenia, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Ireland, Italy and Romania.

Stay with us for more news about our project!