Online training for Foreign Language Teachers

Online Training

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TuDOrs partners had set out to develop an Online training programme for foreign language teachers, and not only that, but also, a digital self-assessment tool targeted towards giving foreign language teachers the opportunity to self-assess knowledge, skills, and competences in terms of teaching people with learning disabilities. And so, they did!

On top of that, they are about to embark on a piloting phase of these two innovative and exciting results, in their countries, so as to finalize them and share them with everybody.

What is it about?

Aiming at increasing awareness of foreign language (FL) teachers, in teaching people with learning disabilities (LDs), upgrading their training skills and competences, and promoting inclusive education, the project’s partnership has developed an Online training programme. This online training programme, includes 8 modules that consist of a range of topics, relating to this subject area.

The Digital self-assessment tool enables foreign language (FL) teachers to self-assess their skills in teaching people with learning disabilities (LDs). The tool will be fully responsive and user friendly also.

Both results are going to be available in English, Slovenian, Spanish, Italian, Romanian and Greek.


The piloting of the Online training programme and the digital self-assessment tool for foreign language teachers will start shortly in partners countries and, by all means, in partners’ languages:

  • Slovenia;
  • Ireland;
  • Spain;
  • Italy;
  • Romania;
  • Cyprus; and
  • Greece.

and will be implemented by partners’ organizations. All parties interested can view and find out more about the partners’ organizations here. To learn more about When and How, stay tuned with project’s partners.

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