Online survey

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The partnership of the TuDOrs Erasmus+ project is collaborating for the development of an online survey, as well as the implementation of interviews with teachers and trainers teaching foreign languages to adults with learning disabilities. Throughout these activities, the project partners are aiming to detect the most effective methods, practices and tools experts, institutions and organisations in adult education are using to teach adult learners with learning disabilities. When both activities are completed, the project members will collect the suggested tools and practices and proceed with the development and design of an online free-of-charge training programme, suitable for teachers and trainers of foreign languages. The online training programme will contain useful information about:

  • learning disabilities;
  • the challenges people with learning disabilities are facing in learning foreign languages;
  • effective learning approaches in teaching foreign languages to people with learning disabilities;
  • the adaptation of teaching methodologies to the individual needs of people with learning disabilities
Online survey

The online training program will be available in English, Slovenian, Greek, Italian, Spanish and Romanian. To gain more information about the project and the training program, please visit our Facebook page.