TuDOrs is headed towards the end!

TuDOrs is headed towards the end featured

Everything is almost ready before the official completion of the TuDOrs project at the end of November 2022.

The project partners, which are composed of EU countries, Slovenia, Romania, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Ireland, and Italy, have recently met in beautiful Perugia, Italy on the 21st and 22nd of November 2022.

During this two-day meeting, partners had the opportunity to discuss and finalize the last tasks and activities with regard to the development of innovative and useful tools for language teachers who teach people with learning difficulties.

TuDOrs is headed towards the end 1

Goals achieved more than expected and the partners are now ready to deliver innovative tools to the public.

These web tools aim to:

  • Provide guidance and innovative practices,
  • Improve the knowledge,
  • Upgrade the training skills and competences of foreign language teachers,

In order to assist them the proper knowledge on how to approach people with learning difficulties when it comes to teaching and making the classroom environment as much inclusive for all people.

TuDOrs is headed towards the end 2


To gain more information about the project and the results:

  • Take a look at our developed online tools by clicking here.
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  • Visit the project’s website.