EFL teacher, students with disabilities, Second Language, SLD, mixed classrooms, IRENE, 3Dlexia, Montessori

Country Studied: Greece

Area of Focus: Language, Reading, Spelling/ Writing, Assistive Technology, Multi-sensory

The “3Dlexia” Paradigm is being applied to “i love dyslexia” (ILD) EFL School.

Founder of “i love dyslexia” is Mrs. Aggeliki Pappa, a Foreign Language Teacher – Special Educator, researcher, author and teachers’ trainer. “i love dyslexia” is a specialized, innovative educational organization, aiming to develop the skill of a Global EFL voice and identity to its students (children, adolescents, adults) with dyslexia and other special educational needs (SEN) in a holistic way, as well as to support teachers and contribute to the research and development of this new and almost unexplored field of studies, supporting millions of educators and learners all around the world.

The big vision of “i love dyslexia” (ILD) EFL School through the successful learning of English, is each student with dyslexia and special educational needs (SEN) to experience not only success in the foreign language, acquiring a Global voice and Global identity, so crucial for the 21st century, but also personal empowerment and self-awareness, necessary for his happiness, success and personal growth.

The ‘3Dlexia’ Paradigm applied in ILD, is based on international and innovative educational standards. It is original in its nature, as it stimulates and evolves the cultivation and active participation of Heart brain – Head brain – Hands(body) brain united, throughout the educational experience in ILD, for the development of the whole being of all students. It applies a comprehensive, research-based curriculum that utilizes multi-sensory, project based and differentiated teaching instruction techniques in addition to new technologies, neuroscience, mindfulness and shelf awareness sessions as well as creative collaborative indoors and outdoors EFL workshops. The main tools used to teach all different literacy and language skills of EFL are original and created by Mrs. Aggeliki Pappa.

The ILD learning program of studies applied is a combination of appropriate teaching techniques, original handmade tools and specialized software and augmented reality tools for interactive whiteboards and iPads. It is organic in nature, so it is renewed, updated and amended as necessary to meet the needs of each student individually.

The 3Dlexia method is applied exclusively in Greece and specifically in Athens at the “I love dyslexia” training centre. Any parent, teenager or adult can ask for help from the center’s instructors to learn English. After the instructors encounter the person concerned and are informed about learning difficulties he has, a curriculum is created, which is designed for each student individually. The 3D lexia method is applied exclusively in Greece and specifically in Athens at the “I love dyslexia” training centre.

This practice concerns a whole module of a course. This is an innovative manner of teaching English as a foreign language to people with learning disabilities.

The 3Dlexia method and the “I love dyslexia” training centre can support vulnerable groups of students, since their purpose is learning without discrimination.

This practice has been tested by students that resonate with the educational centre “I love dyslexia” and the method 3D lexia. The different way of reaching people in need of learning English is provided through this training centre.

The aim is:

  • through learning English as a foreign language, each student with dyslexia and other learning difficulties, to feel successful and personally self-aware, as instructor and learner create together this learning journey.

The objective is:

  • the development of creative thinking and learning English as a foreign language that allows students to acquire – develop possibilities in all their other courses.

ILD is the first and only place in Greece specializing in teaching EFL to students with dyslexia and other special educational needs. It was created upon the vision of providing holistic high-quality education in the field of EFL and dyslexia.

  • New ideas and approaches to education
  • Creative space with harmony of colors, plenty of light, music and smells that create a mood for learning
  • Well organized, consistent courses that excite both young and adult learners