Co – operation & Mixed classrooms

EFL teacher, students with disabilities, Second Language, SLD, mixed classrooms, IRENE, 3Dlexia, Montessori

Country Studied: Finland

Area of Focus: Language, Reading, Spelling/ Writing

In Finland, everyone believes that all students have the right in learning foreign languages. The students with learning disabilities attend foreign language classes, in the same classroom with all other students. In this way, there will be practice in grammar, writing and reading skills. But, to begin with, there should be collaboration between professors and experts, such as psychologists, occupational therapists and speech therapists. Teachers should be aware beforehand of the child’s problem in order to be able to help him/her. If necessary, however, the Finns use the parallel support. In this method there is a special teacher accompanying the student so that she/he can explain to the student any questions she/he has, repeats as many times as necessary what the student might not understand, but most importantly she/he relieves any pressure the student might feel.

This practice is used in schools, universities and private lessons. When teachers and experts believe that students need a different model of teaching, they can use any method in teaching a foreign language and help these students.

This practice can be used as an individual lesson and as a whole module. The teacher draws up a curriculum based on the students’ needs and then decides on which exact program they will follow.

This type of practice can accommodate students of all ages, starting from infancy and reaching higher education and/or lifelong learning.

  • Better approach of the students’ special needs
  • Better results in learning
  • Equality in inclusiveness
  • Equality in learning opportunities
  • Each student is unique
  • Learning is for everyone